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Product Descriptions


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The New Yorker is a weekly magazine that features breaking news and cultural coverage. It publishes articles, podcast, videos, and more.

Their tone is intelligent and insightful.


Convince viewers to subscribe to The New Yorker's digital-only format.


Tech-savvy men and women, ages 30–50, with household incomes of 75k and more. They are:

  • Busy professionals who appreciate convenience.

  • Intelligent people who want to be informed and entertained.

  • Aware of The New Yorker but not currently subscribers.


I proposed a concept that would feature people engaging with the app while on the go. This was intended to appeal to a busy person's desire to fill free moments with something inspirational or important.

The minimalistic, focused text is designed to suggest that The New Yorker can add a sense of ease to grueling routines.


I speak to the target audience'e need for convenience and upliftment by suggesting how subscribing will maximize and elevate a busy life.


Website Copy / Sales Page


The Work is a video-conference–based group class for actors and performers that want increased fulfillment in both life and creativity.

The Work's tone is relaxing, motivational, and straightforward, with a pinch of playfulness.


Theatre and filmmaking professionals, primarily actors, ages 20–50. They:

  • Need tools to self-generate momentum and feel peace regardless of prospects.

  • Are looking for likeminded professionals who want collaboration, accountability, and community.


Help visitors quickly understand whether The Work is right for them. Guide them into applying for the next group


I clarified The Work's offering with crisp yet conversational copy that is easy to digest both mentally and emotionally.

By maintaining a motivational yet relaxing tone, I tap into the target audience's desire for engagement and holistic change.


With moments of playfulness, I appeal to a performer's affinity for exploration and creativity.


Appealing to the collaborative nature of the theatre and film industries, I infuse excitement into the concept of achieving something great with other people.


Product Descriptions


Chapeau Bas is a fictitious magazine that publishes articles centered on a green lifestyle. In an article titled "Overthrowing Fast Fashion," they feature clothing items from two eco-friendly brands: Reformation and Christy Dawn.

Their tone is sophisticated and colloquially inspirational.


Eco-conscious women, ages 20–50, with expendable income. They:

  • Are interested in a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Actively work to purchase items that support this endeavor.

  • Enjoy fashion and are willing to pay more for quality items.

  • Care about whether the clothing they purchase is ethically sourced and made.


Impress readers with Reformation's and Christy Dawn's clothing; persuade them to support these brands.


Each product description mentions the type of fabric used, so that readers can feel the item is compatible with their lives.


I use language that emphasizes how it feels to wear these items, both literally and figuratively. This allows readers to imagine themselves happily owning the item.

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